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Student Visa Study In Germany For Pakistan Or India

Student Visa Study In Germany For Pakistan Or India

All persons who wish to study at a high school, college or university in Germany are required to obtain a residence permit.
All visas are not the same. A “tourist visa” cannot be converted into a “student visa” and as a tourist, you are not eligible to study in Germany.

The visa must be issued before you can enter the country; you should therefore apply for it in good time. The responsible body is the German Embassy or Consulate General in your country, which can also provide you with further information.

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Three Types of Visa for International Students

--- A language course visa, which cannot be subsequently converted into a student visa. It is valid only for the duration of the course. --- A three-month study applicant’s visa, which is valid if you have not yet obtained university admission. After admission, it must be converted as quickly as possible into a resident permit for student purposes at the office for foreigners’ affairs. --- The visa for study purposes, valid for one year. In order to obtain this visa, you must provide proof of admission and financial support for the duration of study.
Documents Required

-- A valid passport
-- Passport Size photos
-- Entitlement to university admission, as recognized in Germany (usually a high school diploma or graduation examination certificate)
-- Evidence of previous academic performance
-- Proof that complete financial support for one year is guaranteed

The visa application is submitted at the German Embassy or the German Consulate in your country of residence – preferably as early as possible. German Embassy or Consulate personnel can provide further information.

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